Robbie Masters

Robbie Masters ( RM) is a Country Musician , who plays Americana , Modern  & Mainstream Country.  Wich is Suitable for both the Linedancers and the Listeners. He Likes to play in pubs, at Line dance clubs, and on Festivals, what you get is an very enthousiastic singer who likes to play his music.

Since 2019 Robbie and Robert Lottmann decided to work together and also start a Duo alongside their solo career.

Also available are 100 % Acoustic Venues, wich he plays Solo , Duo ( Lottmann & Masters) and with ABC ( Acoustic Brotherhood of Country).  Scroll down to get more Info !!

Lottmann & Masters Country Duo

Country Duo Lottmann & Masters is a unique Country music project with Robert Lottmann and Robbie Masters.


They both have many years of experience on stage and in the music business and created their own identity in the Counrty Music scene. They play their songs in A show format , wich is a unique experience for all audiences. 


They play Classic and Honky-Tonk Country music from the 90's. Available for all kinds of Country venues all over Europe.


Lottmann & Masters Website...

Acoustic Brotherhood of Country  ( ABC )

The “Acoustic Brotherhood of Country” is a 4 musicians 100% acoustic project. There passion…..Acoustic music. Singer/songwriter alike venues, telling stories about songs, people and experiences.

The idea started in 2015 when 2 singer and musicians shared some thoughts about playing acoustic guitar in front of a small audience. It never came to it. But... At the end of the year 2016 the plan started to come alive again. ABC, The “Acoustic Brotherhood of Country” got his name and the project was reborn. 4 singer and musicians, 4 guitars, 4 voices, 4 styles mixed together in The Brotherhood of Country.


Acoustic Brotherhood Website...