Tour dates



The Tour dates are for RM Solo as well for Lottmann & Masters

Due to the Covid-19 virus, 
all performances have been canceled
until further notice.
The other projects are also now on hold.
There will be a few small ACOUSTIC venues, 

but these will not be listed in this agenda.
For that info see facebook and other social media

The data below will continue unless organizations
decide otherwise



Okt 17    Lottmann & Masters at the
                 Heart of the west Saloon  , dorpsstraat 60 8460 Ettelgem ( B )






Febr. 13  F.C,W.F. Valentijnsbal , Zaal 't Markenhof

                   Koestraat 6 2322 Minderhout ( B )

                  m.m.v. Kris Robyan


Mar. 28  Lottmann & Masters , Charleroi ( B) op het Cherry's Festival

                   Place Kennedy 1 6030

                  Marchienne -Au-Pont in Charleroi


May 29  The Country Horses  Zaal CC de Ster Engelstraat 54 8480 Ichtegem ( B)

                      Lottmann & Masters 90's Countryshow Strats at 20:00 hour

 June 5 / 6   Amarant Country Festival ( 20 jaar) is uitgestelde versie van 2020.......